The sports you can watch: Football, baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and others.

The site: Facebook Watch

Available sports: Soccer, cricket, women’s basketball, surfing, and a range of unofficial streams covering virtually every sport.
Notes: Facebook Watch has a limited number of official sports streams, but Facebook users use the service to stream live sports.
Facebook Watch is Facebook’s attempt to muscle in on the video streaming market. The social media giant has obtained the rights to stream various sports. In addition to official Facebook Watch sports streams, Facebook users can use the service to live stream sports worldwide.

Here’s how you can find a huge variety of live sports streams on Facebook Watch:

  1. Navigate to Facebook Watch and log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Select Search videos, type sports, and press Return or Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Toggle on Live. You’ll see any current sports live streams.

These streams are provided by Facebook users, so you may find low-quality and misleading streams. Search for a team name if you’re looking for a specific game.

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